The complete toolbox for sustainable supply chains

The economic outlook of the world is one that favours sustainable solutions. With altered consumer behaviour, new regulations and pressure from science, businesses have no way around genuine commitment to sustainability.

With our activities, we support them in obtaining this ‘license to operate’ with the tools and network they need.

Creating Transparency of Your Supply Chain with Everything in One Place

Monitor your entire supply chain and interrelations between supply chain partners

Create a directory of all relevant contact persons (e.g. managing director, social compliance officer, chemical manager, etc.) in each supply chain partner

Collect relevant information (e.g. exact location, geodata, key company data) regarding each partner in one database

Meet Liabilities with Documented Compliance— Traceable Evidence That You Communicated Effectively with Your Partners

Send documents (Code of Conduct, set of requirements) to every relevant partner in the supply chain – and obtain confirmation of receipt.

Request and collect all relevant documents (certificates, audit reports, test reports etc.) of your supply chain partners in one convenient, customisable online database.

Request and collect all relevant documents (certificates, audit reports, test reports etc.) of your supply chain partners in one convenient, customisable online database.

Get All the Answers You Need

Create self-assessments and audit questionnaires to inquire information from any of your supply chain partners.

Freely define questions for any target group (dye house, shoe manufacturer, etc.) and access a catalogue of pre-defined questions based on existing standards.

Book audits and track progress of Corrective Action Plans (CAP’s).

Certified Staff Ensures that Your Compliance Requirements are Implemented Along the Entire Supply Chain

If your supplier lacks training or an important certification, the Partnership for Compliance Academy makes sure relevant personnel is quickly trained and certified according to internationally-accepted standards.

High teaching quality of all trainings is assured by our DAkkS-accredited partner WELL DONE, so our courses meet official German standards.

This clears liability aspects, as you can be sure that your requirements are met and implemented according to your expectation.

Simple Access to Complex Data for Reporting, Communication and Continuous Improvement

Monitor, analyse and visualise the development of various Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), including Sustainable Performance Indicators (SPI’s) in your supply chain.

Use pre-defined set of indicators or freely define your own.

Data of your entire supply chain or individual levels of your supply chain individualised or combined.

Easily Access and Create Stories About You and Your Products for Your Customers

Gain access to material for your internal and external communication including:

> Product photos, 3D scans, and sustainability performance data such as carbon and water footprints;

> Photos, videos and stories from the production, that can be used to generate website and marketing content;

> All content taken by a qualified team that understand your standards.

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