Sustainable products that come with data, transparency, and a story to tell

It is challenging to communicate complex matters in a way that is both digestible and substantial.

To communicate a message amidst constant media overkill, it needs to be condensed to a minimum in order to attract attention, all without sacrificing its well-founded essence.

We provide the content and tools to successfully market sustainable and innovative products and communicate their stories precisely.

Offering a pool of certified suppliers with compliant supply chain

A Strong Network of Partners that Delivers Compliant and Sustainable Products + Service – Quickly and Flexibly.

We have established a network of certified, pro-active factories that goes deep into the fashion supply chain – All already integrated into the Partnership for Compliance system!

All suppliers are up-to-date on relevant certifications, and will provide you with transparency, SPI’s, product and production data, marketing materials and more.

The Partnership for Compliance offers both the toolbox for internal communication along the entire supply chain,

as well as access to verified marketing content and sustainability data for external communication.

The software-based solution Svitch allows communication on requirements, documents and more with supply chain partners.

Its marketing module provides access to images and video from the production sites, as well as sustainability data, such as water and carbon footprints, which can be used for sustainability reports, websites and social media channels.

More about SVITCH

The Partnership for compliance allows you to easily handle internal communication along global supply chains. See your entire supply chain and interrelations between all partners.

Communicate with all relevant contact persons easily through the software-based solution Svitch. Enquire information, distribute documents to the right people and receive confirmation of receipt.

Only with a good communication infrastructure can your supply chain react to changing requirement quickly.


Product images, information, and 3D scans in database

Product and manufacturer-related SPI’s

Certifications, qualifications, and trainings

Communicate with images, videos, and stories

Partnership for Compliance in Action: Sustainable Pakistan won GDA 2021

Sustainable Pakistan is a long term initiative for the global fashion industry enabling sustainable and innovative production that connects people across the planet thanks to solutions provided by Partnership for Compliance.

It is based on projects developed and run by the German Development Agency GIZ, in particular the project to improve labour standards in Pakistan’s textile industry.

The initiative’s mission is to create and realise innovation in the fashion industry while promoting Pakistan as excellent sourcing partner for sustainable fashion.

Sustainable Pakistan Website

Partnership for Compliance in Action

German Design Award Winner 2021


Sustainable Pakistan is a unique project for the global fashion industry that enables ethical design by empowering manufacturers and consumers to be part of an innovative solution. Every product is designed with its impact on people and the environment in mind, treasuring traditional knowledge and taking advantage of latest technology. All processes can be traced through transparent supply chains. This gives each product a story to tell, translating abstract information into a tangible design.

Statement of the jury

An innovative, sustainable and technological redefining of the global fashion industry.

This unique design concept combines traditional knowledge, new materials and innovative design and production processes, creating a new connection between the manufacturer and the consumer for contemporary, transparent and sustainable consumption.


Winner in the category Excellent Communications Design - Eco Design

Special Mention in the category Excellent Communications Design - Brand Identity.


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